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Tube Fabrication Process
How is the Hydro-form tube made?

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Harbinger Main Tube

The world of bicycle frame is improved for simple round tube to custom shaped tube. In recent year Hydro forming technology become available for advance tube fabrication.

The first series or Hydro tube from Reynolds
Tube Feature

Seat Tube
The new seat tube offers the frame builder a new innovative design to help give the frame a flowing look. The lightly radius lower section of the seat tube will help shorten the chain stays for improved acceleration. The aero profile middle section adds a fast look to the frame while actually aiding in the airflow management around the rear wheel. The seat post mast is very unique in that it kicks back forward 4 degrees, this is done so the tube can be laid back for a 71-73 type seat angle but the seat post will easily go to 76 degrees to make a more universal frame. The look, strength and versatility of this tube will be impressive.

Top Tube
Top tubes have a big responsibility for the frame, they have to absorb road shock and offer great stability so the frame runs straight down hills. We did frame studies to come up with a new shape that will add big performance benefits to the frame. The innovative front section has a drawn lower section, this area, when welded to the head tube will add much strength and increased surface area for better heat distribution. At the rear, we have "flutted" the tubes to greatly improve rotational stiffness. This will be particularly helpful to control rider torquing on Compact frames with extended seat mast. The new top tube will give a great new look to the frame while really controlling the ride forces.

Down Tube
The down tube is probably the most important tube of the frame set. We have combined wind tunnel developed shapes along with stress analysis studies to generate this new down tube shape. The aero tube section is largest at the lower end to help add mass to the rear of the frame. This will greatly help with bike stability in crosswinds. The Oversized lower portion will be stiff and quick, giving the rider a great feel when attacking a hill. The upper half of the tube will guide the air around the frame; its width will help suck up road shock. This is a trend setting design that your customers will want.

Harbinger Tube Specification
Top Tube Shape ØOD T1 L1 L2 T2 C L3 T3 Length*
30/40*1.2/0.7/1.2 34.9 1.2 50 80 0.7 240 20 1.2 600mm
Hydro Style 1.374 0.047 1.969 3.15 0.028 9.449 0.0787 0.047 275g
          Down Tube
35/50*1.3/0.8/1.1 44.0 1.3 60 80 0.8 380 20 1.1 700mm
Hydro Style 1.732 0.051 2.36 3.15 0.031 14.9 1.969 0.043 275g
          Seat Tube
31.8*2.2/1.2 31.8 2.2 100 85 0.8 1.2 415 0 600mm
Hydro Style 1.252 0.086 3.937 0.039 0.047 16.33 0 0.055 245g
From our designer....

From our designer....

This tube set can be combined with any Carbon Fiber rear end to optimize its excellence of ride.

Carbon Seat Stay: CF-SS62 or CF-SS33
Carbon Chain Stay: CF-CS26 or CF-CS02
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