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Tube Fabrication Process
How is the Hydro-form tube made?

About US

Fairing Industrial Inc. was founded in 1991 and is continually expanding its products and services in the areas of tubes, pipes, and benders. From Aluminum to Titanium, bicycles to auto racing, and fabrication to bending machine sales, Fairing provides a wide range of manufacturing capabilities across the industrial spectrum.

BICYCLE FRAME DEPOT provides a complete package for frame builders: from round tubes to custom shapes, from frame fittings to a complete frame, or for your custom frame or bike. The tube mill is equipped to produce DOM (draw over mandrel) shaped custom and hydro formed tubes. Our large selection consists of Cro-Moly, Aluminum 6061 & 7005, and Titanium. We carry frame fittings which include bottom bracket shells, cable stops and guides, seat clamps, and much more. In 2005, Fairing began distributing Reynolds tubes to bring supreme quality to the extreme bicycle enthusiast. And with our Asian factory network, we can make you custom frame or bike a reality.

MACHINE SALES offers you a full line of CNC/NC mandrel tube benders up to 7" capacity. Multiple stacks, r/l hand bending, push and draw bending, rear booster for tight radius bends, all electric servo driven models, and our very own user friendly software, are examples of our many special features.

FABRICATION encompasses design engineering, product development, and prototyping. Fairing has CNC bending, cutting saw, end forming, and milling machines. In addition to our in house abilities, our overseas factory network gives us the resources to fulfill your manufacturing needs.

TUBE SALES brings you a variety of tubing in Cro-Moly 4130, Aluminum 7005, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. In addition to circular & shaped tubes, we furnish plates, sheets, and bar stock. And if weight reduction is essential, then Fairing is the one to call. We can produce DOM tubes with multiple butted results, with a maximum butted length up to 5' long at 0.020" wall thickness.

All sales, parts, and service are facilitated from our office and warehouse in Chino, CA. FAIRING STRIVES TO REDUCE DRAG, by minimizing cost, increasing efficiency, and improving quality.
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