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Tube Fabrication Process
How is the Hydro-form tube made?

   Cycle Frame Depot

    Carbon Fiber - High Pressure Solid Compaction

   The never ending need for maximum lightness and extreme torsional stiffness brings carbon fiber as one of the top choice among frame building material. If your cycling enthusiasm takes you to the edge of performance; the Aero Blade Series has the strength to get you to the other side.

At Fairing we analyzed the unique demands of the highly specialized forms of cycling, Wishbone rear triangle specifically designed to absorb the effect of high frequent vibrations, especially during sprint and long rides.

Aero Blade Series is molded with solid inner filler. As a result our wishbone stays are curing under high pressure solid compaction condition. This process allows the highest density and consistent carbon fiber product to be made.
Seat Stay Chain Stay Fitting
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